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afro percussion

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» Fêtes Bobo à Sikasso 3 (1 min)
» Kelthüghi-Dhja (1 min)

afro percussion

Music from Mali and Senegal

Gert Kilian recorded the CD "afro percussion" in Africa and produced it like a musical journey through Senegal and Mali.
A wedding dance with the Wolof playing the sabar drums or the griot's appeal to the women (Senegal), the virtuos balafon duo in the Senoufo region, the ghost dance with the Bambara people playing djembé and doundoun, the chant for Sheik Amallah, a funeral song with the Dogon, the trip through the amazing "cabarets" in Sikasso (Mali) - everything is recorded like a documentary - through music and through large explanations referring to its geographic and cultural background and a description of the instruments.

Authentic traditional music from West Africa. A pleasant and instructive way to know more about this continent full of secrets.




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